DS provides specialized travel and foreign security services for its clients:

We help you with your travel safety and protection abroad
We build a personal security and safety concept for you and your family for your work abroad
We take technical measures and set up regime security procedures
We train you and your family in case of crisis situations
We monitor your property, you and your family members in our control center
We find out the health requirements of local conditions in the field of healthcare
We prepare escape and evacuation plans for you, including evacuation baggage
We create a travel system and ensure your security on an active or passive basis
We prepare information for solving crisis situations
We train you and your family in the prevention and response to kidnappings
We train you and your family in providing first aid
We provide you with a guide, safety escort or personal driver
In the event of a crisis situation, we will ensure their solution and possible evacuation
Travel and repatriation insurance

….and much, much more (on additional request)